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Domain name

Domain name

Domain is an area of the hierarchical domain name space of the Internet indicated by a unique domain name.

Domain registration is the process of acquiring a domain name from a domain name registrar. Only the designated registrar may modify or delete information about domain names in a central registry database. 

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Registering a new domain is quite easy and significant as it is used to identify the IP address of a particular domain. A person or a company who registers or buys domain name is called registrant. Services which provide the domain name registration facility are known as registrars. You should choose an ICNN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited service provider for registration of a new domain name. Once you have chosen a reliable registrar, follow the below-mentioned procedure for acquiring cheap domain names.

Choose a domain name

The first step of domain name registration is choosing a domain name. Suppose you are planning to initiate a new business, choose a domain name related to your business. You can take an example of Amazon, which is today’s leading online merchant. Similarly, you can choose cheap domains relevant to your business. Some individuals choose domain name related to their profession or name for their personal blogs and websites. So, now you have an idea about choosing the domain name. Now you have to submit the selected domain name to the registrar. It will check and acknowledge if the domain name is available. Otherwise, you will have to choose some other domain names to buy domains.

Provide personal and billing details

Because you are going to be a registrant and administrator of your domain, the registrar will seek some important details regarding you or your business before you buy domain names. Provide your name, phone number and demographic details. These details are necessary for the identification of the administrator. You should go for paid domain if you want to use complete features of a web hosting service. For this, the registrar will ask you for billing details. Mention the billing details and then submit domain name registration request. If the registrar has got all these details, it will immediately start domain name registration procedure. It will later inform you about the contact details and further process of domain name registration and thus you will buy website domain.

Why is domain name necessary for today’s businesses?

There are several benefits a company gets by ordering domain services:

  • Increased credibility.
  • Better customer service.
  • Improved business.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Increased reputation in the market.

Above given points are some of many impressive benefits of buying the domain name. You should always choose the auto-renewal option when you register a new domain. It is important because the registrar itself auto-renew the domain name and charge the bill on mentioned billing details. So, follow this technique also for buying the cheapest domains.

How to renew the expired domain?

Today there are many domain registrars available in the market. They all hope for having a larger number of active users for their services, even for buying the cheapest domain names. It is the reason, they offer a fair time for redeeming an expired domain. If you have set your domain name on auto-renewal, the service provider will renew the domain one day after its expiration. In case, the registrar finds any trouble in billing you, it will park the domain as an expired domain. In case, the domain name is set for manual renewal, the registrar will send you notification emails regarding renewal with the internet domain name cost. If you do not renew it, the domain will expire and get parked for redemption.

Transferring domain name

The domain name transfer takes place in three steps.

Step 1

To initiate the domain name transfer process, first you have to apply to the registrar. Whatever web hosting services you are using, apply it for the transfer so that you can move the domain. Maximum web hosting services offer form or option on their portal which you have to select for domain transfer. After choosing the transfer option, the registrar will create the contact through email as the new administrator of the domain. The domain name prices will not vary during this process.

Step 2

The process of transferring the domain is as follows:

  • As a current registrar of the domain, you have to provide the contact details to the new administrator of your domain who is about to buy web address.
  • The registrar will gain contact details with email notification. He must be agreeing to the request of domain name transfer.
  • The new registrar of your domain should accept the domain transfer request in a given time interval (it is usually five days).
  • If the new registrar does not accept the transfer request, the domain transfer will not take place after this time interval.
  • Ensure that the sent contact details are valid and you have updated whole records effectively.

Above mentioned process is carried out to ensure that the domain transfer request is genuine.

Step 3

If your domain’s web hosting service has accepted the domain transfer request and the transfer is taking place, do not inactivate the domain. Many service providers ask to unlock the domain to complete domain name transfer process effectively. Suppose you have locked or deleted the domain, it will be out of domain transfer criteria.

If everything is fine and you have completed the domain transfer process in an above-mentioned way, it will take only ten to twelve working days for domain name transfer. These details are important to know when you buy website name. Things can be quite easier for you with the help of a renowned web development service like Wezom Studio because the service provider completes all necessary procedures for you.